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home inspector James HunterJP Hunter Property Inspections is proudly owned and operated by James Hunter, who provides respectable, friendly service to the Greater Binghamton, NY area. James has more than 30 years of operational and management experience in the communications industry, and he also runs a self-storage facility, Heritage Self Storage in Endicott, NY. Successfully running two businesses has taught James the importance of being organized and prioritizing what is best for his clients. At JP Hunter Property Inspections, James develops relationships with his property inspection clients and local realtors, because of the quality of the services he provides. His goal is to give all parties involved peace of mind and confidence moving forward.
When James isn’t inspecting homes, he enjoys spending time with his family and riding his motorcycle out on the open road. He also loves working with his hands, whether on a machine or creating something unique out of metal or wood. James takes pride in everything that carries his name, so you can be sure you’re getting the highest level of service when you hire JP Hunter Property Inspections for the job.

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Home Inspector Associations & Certifications

James is a member of the Southern Tier Association of Home Inspectors (STAHI) and the New York State Association of Home Inspectors (NYSAHI). He is also a member of the Board of Realtors and is a Certified Mold

New York State Association of Home Inspectors (NYSAHI)
New York State License #16000048260

At JP Hunter Property Inspections

we treat every client with respect and understand your new home purchase is a very important event in your life. Call us today at (607) 201-3960 to schedule an inspection, and we’ll provide you the confidence you need for your new home purchase!
JP Hunter Property Inspections

305 Palmer Hill Rd
Port Crane, NY 13833

New York State Association of Home Inspectors (NYSAHI)

New York State License #16000048260